2 Position Rocker Switch 2 Pin

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2 Position Rocker Switch 2 Pin

On-Off Rocker Switch 2 Pin 3A SPST is a small, rectangle switch with a black rocker that can be turned on and off. on-off rocker switch has two pins that are used to connect it to a circuit. The switch is rated for 3A at 250V AC, making it suitable for use with a wide range of appliances and devices.

3A SPST High Quality On/Off Rocker Switch is a great choice for controlling power to electronic circuits and other devices. It is small, affordable, and easy to use. The switch has two positions, one for on and one for off. The rocker switch stays in the one position until it is pressed and changed to the other position. It has two large pins on the back that can use to solder wires and connect the switch to your circuit.

The tabs on the left and right of the switch make it easy to secure it to an enclosure without the need for screws. The On and Off positions clearly marked with symbols or text, so users can easily identify the current switch position.

This 2-pin rocker switch is a type of switch that has two terminals, or points of contact. The switch is typically use to turn something on or off, such as a light or a motor. The two pins used to connect the switch to the circuit that it is controlling.


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