49.9K Ohm 0.1W 0603 0201 1% SMD Resistor

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49.9K Ohm 0.1W 0603 0201 1% SMD Resistor
A 0603 (0201 Metric) SMD resistor is a passive two terminal Resistor that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element. SMD resistors are the most widely used electronic component. Every day many millions of these chip resistors are used to produce the electronic equipment from cell phones to televisions and MP3 players, and commercial communications equipment to high technology research equipment.
Construction of SMD Chip resistor SMD resistors are rectangular in shape. Chip resistors have metallic areas at either end of the body and this enables them to make contact with the printed circuit board through the solder.

49.9K Ohm 0.1W 0603 0201 1% SMD Resistor

Resistor Type: Thick Film
Mounting Type: Surface Mount
Termination Type: Wraparound
Features: Moisture Resistant
Operating Temperature Min.: -65 °C
Operating Temperature Max.: 170 °C
Power (Watts): 0.1W(1/10W)
Tolerance(±): 1%
Body Height: 0.45 mm
Size/Dimension: 0.06″ L x 0.03″ W (1.5mm x .85mm)

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